About the Bride - Monica O'Connor

Monica was born to Deanna and JP O'Connor on August 14, 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio. A year, a week, a day and an hour (turns out it is minus an hour) Michelle arrived to complete the family. When Monica was three she moved with her family to Marietta, Georgia. Monica participated in a number of activities throughout school including swimming, church choir and clarinet.

While marching in the Lassiter High School Band she met bridesmaid Megan Ray. Megan and Monica were roommates freshman year at Georgia Southern University where they met bridesmaid Elise Dotson, in the GSU Marching Band. Monica met bridesmaid Jennie Mae Hill through Stephen. Jennie Mae is Stephen's friend, Stephen Smith's girl friend. When the boy's get together, the girls stick together! Monica graduated in 2007 with a BS in Broadcasting. In 2010 she obtained a Master's of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Science from Georgia Tech. Monica currently works at CNN as a weather producer/meteorologist.

About the Groom - Stephen Garrett

Stephen was born on March 20, 1985 to Marie and Steve Garrett. He has two younger brothers, Zach and Mathew.  Stephen has lived in the Atlanta area his entire life, mostly in Alpharetta.  He has been involved with music since his parents forced him into piano lessons at age 5.  While he didn't always enjoy it then, that knowledge would become the foundation of Stephen's passion for music that continues today.

When he started at Milton High School and joined the marching band, Stephen met his best man, Ryan McCorkle.  They have remained close friends ever since, and share their common interests of good music, good coffee, and good beer.

Stephen met groomsman Justin Fitzpatrick when they were just a few days old.  Justin and Stephen's moms were college roommates, and they often visited each other throughout childhood.  By chance, Justin and Stephen both ended up going to Georgia Southern and being placed in the same dorm, on the same floor, and on the same hall.  The next year, they made both of their mothers proud when they moved into a house and became college roommates themselves.

Stephen met groomsman Chris Kelley in the Summer of 2002, when they both attended the Georgia Governor's Honors Program.  They both chose Computing as their minor, sat next to each other on the first day, realized they were both there for the music major (Chris for jazz sax, and Stephen for percussion) and immediately became friends.  They both went on to attend Georgia Southern where they were freshman roommates (just down the hall from Justin!).  They later ended up as roommates in a 6-person animal house later in their college career.

Groomsman Stephen Smith joined the marching band at Georgia Southern after transferring there when Stephen Garrett (this paragraph might get confusing!) was a junior.  They were both in the front ensemble and immediately became friends.  Smith was also a charter roommate in the 6-person animal house the following year.  After graduation, they both moved back to the Atlanta area and have kept close.

Stephen (Garrett) graduated from Georgia Southern in 2008 with a BS in Information Technology, and a BM in Music Performance.  In 2011 he earned a Master's of Science in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech.  Stephen currently works as a software developer at music technology firm ZooZ Mobile.

How we met

Although Stephen and Monica lived about 10 miles apart for most of thier childhood it was not until college that they met. In the summer of 2005 both participated in the GSU Band European Tour. Monica and Stephen had their first date in Munich, Germany. After a year of getting to know each other (and Monica playing hard to get) Monica realized what she was missing out on and convinced Stephen to ask her out again. They became a couple on September 9, 2006 and have been together ever since.

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